Thursday, 17 May 2012


Have finally started work on my Winter Magic Water Dragon
for the Artstreet competition......
I am really lucky, as I am showing my work in Omnia which
is a beautiful Asian/Retro/Manga shop up the top of
Katoomba Str..

I have been inspired to use more recycled material in my work,
so have taken boxes and then done a paper-mache layer on the
outside then a basic undercoat........

I am really enjoying painting on form which gives you great
opportunities to play with shape and movement in a totally
different way.

Without further a due here is what I have created so far:

And here is the big one which will have a lot of the Water Dragon
on it with the head and more watery wings.......

I am happy so far, but there is still quite a bit to do.
Besides the obvious of painting the big box and painting
the dragon, there is also a lot of finer detail and glazing
to work at, but I am happy with the process so far.......

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I feel the earth underneath my feet and heart,
as my hair is being swept across the plains.
My eyes take me as far as the eyes can see,
the blue sky goes on forever
over the glory of the open plains.

"I am free," I call out,
as I laugh with joy to the space all about me.
Fit and strong, striding across the landscape
in time with the heart-beat of Mother Earth.

It is the simple things I love best.
The movement of the breeze on the long grasses,
as they brush across my bare calves.
The colour of the red dust between my toes.
The slow rolling form of the hills that make up my home.

I am part of the land as the land is part of me.
There is only one heart which I strum along too,
that of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
So I let my hair blow in the wind.
Because my soul will always be windswept.

By me, Bhodi Robinson (2012)


This was inspired while waiting at the bus stop last week.......
It was a beautiful sunny day and I sat down on the concrete for
1/2 an hour while waiting for the bus......I love sitting on the ground
in busy places, it always seems to amaze people as they rush around
that you have completely stopped.......Sitting there I could see and
feel places I have seen and walked in my past and places I hope to
see and walk in my future.......

Monday, 7 May 2012


Have had a great day......
Went off to the Duck park this afternoon and collected
a trolley full of kindling.......
It is such a wonderful feeling, collecting wood, being
amongst the trees and on the earth.......Something to do
every week........It felt very Witchy and earthy......

Came home and was inspired enough to write a poem........


The Witch's Way,
ss always winding,
but leads back to the source......

The Witch's Way,
is full of joy,
as I play with life and all its happiness.....

The Witch's Way,
is full of love, kindness and compassion
and brings the tender truth of all creatures
to your eyes.......

The Witch's Way,
has it's moments of sadness,
but this only makes me stronger......

The Witch's Way,
is full of passion, longing and communion,
as two come into harmony
and bare their souls too each other......

The Witch's Way,
loves Mother Earth,
as we lay our hands upon her......

The Witch's Way
is me.........

By Bhodi Robinson........