Monday, 20 August 2012

Hi There......

Haven't posted anything here for a little while, life has been a little
bit hectic and chaotic.   So I thought I would do a quick update and
then hopefully start posting more often.


1.  Have started a job as the Events Coordinator for Blackheath Area
Neighbourhood Centre which is very exciting, it is a 6mth position but
there are a lot of opportunities that could come out of this.......

2.  Organising the BOOSH Extravaganza which is on the 31st of Aug which
is for BANC.

3.  My daughter has been sick on and off for a little while and we have been
seeing lots of different specialists.  This is quite unusual for her as she never
ever really gets sick.  Before this period she had had one lot of antibiotics.
She had her first ever blood test the other day.  I am really looking forward
to things being clarrified and clear.  This has been the year where we have
both started to get more independence in our relationship, so we are both
finding it frustrating as I am not willing to leave her by herself too much.

4.  Have been making some more artwork and might possibly be in a show
in November in Sydney, so wish me luck.

5.  The house is in the process of being repossessed which is quite an
interesting experience as you are never quite sure when you are going to be
given notice.  Has taught me to hand things over

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One Tree, One Hill, One Person

Have started working on a new series called,
'One Tree, One Hill, One Person'.......

Inspired by my feelings about community in
the modern world.and how some people feel
this disconnection from others........
I am also trying to use other mediums, so have
been exploring, paper, recycle boxes and
painting on forms........

Monday, 11 June 2012

RIVER DRAGON is coming.......

Another update on my River Dragon installation piece I am doing for
Winter Magic's 'Art Street' which is in Katoomba on the 23rd of June......

These are photos of the big central piece, it still needs a bit of work,
the wingy things need to be glazed back and the head
needs some glazing definition and maybe a little more
subtle glazing on the body.......But I am happy so far........

These are the other 2 smaller parts of the installation,
there was suppose to be a 3rd one, but I think I am
going to run out of time.......As these both still need
some work on them.........And it is also assignment time........
Please excuse the photo quality.......

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I Just Won Faery Flags...........

I am so excited.......
I opened up my email today and there it was,
an email from Faerymother saying I'd won her
amazing give-away.......
A set of her faery flags in a wonderful collection
of bright beautiful colours.......
Really looking forward to hanging them on my
front verandah......

So as a small gesture of thank  you,
I thought I would post a link to her blog..........

Here is a link to her inspirational blog

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Have finally started work on my Winter Magic Water Dragon
for the Artstreet competition......
I am really lucky, as I am showing my work in Omnia which
is a beautiful Asian/Retro/Manga shop up the top of
Katoomba Str..

I have been inspired to use more recycled material in my work,
so have taken boxes and then done a paper-mache layer on the
outside then a basic undercoat........

I am really enjoying painting on form which gives you great
opportunities to play with shape and movement in a totally
different way.

Without further a due here is what I have created so far:

And here is the big one which will have a lot of the Water Dragon
on it with the head and more watery wings.......

I am happy so far, but there is still quite a bit to do.
Besides the obvious of painting the big box and painting
the dragon, there is also a lot of finer detail and glazing
to work at, but I am happy with the process so far.......

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I feel the earth underneath my feet and heart,
as my hair is being swept across the plains.
My eyes take me as far as the eyes can see,
the blue sky goes on forever
over the glory of the open plains.

"I am free," I call out,
as I laugh with joy to the space all about me.
Fit and strong, striding across the landscape
in time with the heart-beat of Mother Earth.

It is the simple things I love best.
The movement of the breeze on the long grasses,
as they brush across my bare calves.
The colour of the red dust between my toes.
The slow rolling form of the hills that make up my home.

I am part of the land as the land is part of me.
There is only one heart which I strum along too,
that of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
So I let my hair blow in the wind.
Because my soul will always be windswept.

By me, Bhodi Robinson (2012)


This was inspired while waiting at the bus stop last week.......
It was a beautiful sunny day and I sat down on the concrete for
1/2 an hour while waiting for the bus......I love sitting on the ground
in busy places, it always seems to amaze people as they rush around
that you have completely stopped.......Sitting there I could see and
feel places I have seen and walked in my past and places I hope to
see and walk in my future.......

Monday, 7 May 2012


Have had a great day......
Went off to the Duck park this afternoon and collected
a trolley full of kindling.......
It is such a wonderful feeling, collecting wood, being
amongst the trees and on the earth.......Something to do
every week........It felt very Witchy and earthy......

Came home and was inspired enough to write a poem........


The Witch's Way,
ss always winding,
but leads back to the source......

The Witch's Way,
is full of joy,
as I play with life and all its happiness.....

The Witch's Way,
is full of love, kindness and compassion
and brings the tender truth of all creatures
to your eyes.......

The Witch's Way,
has it's moments of sadness,
but this only makes me stronger......

The Witch's Way,
is full of passion, longing and communion,
as two come into harmony
and bare their souls too each other......

The Witch's Way,
loves Mother Earth,
as we lay our hands upon her......

The Witch's Way
is me.........

By Bhodi Robinson........

Monday, 30 April 2012

GYPSY DRESS MAGIC latest embroidery

Now that I have started this dress, I have been getting quite
excited.......Here are photos of my latest efforts......


This image is inpired by an old symbol of a Celtic Mermaid......
I have always loved this image, so I am quite excited to
finally use it in some way, mind you I did give here an
extra tail........Just have to finish the hair.......

This is a Celtic Heart Crown which I have almost finished......
Unfortunately with my mobile camera you lose a lot of the
beautiful colours.........

Another heart motif I am working on, now that I have
openly embraced my love of the heart symbol..........

Here's to lots more embroidery adventures and
seeing what this dress wants to become.........

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Have finally started on creating my MAGIC GYPSY DRESS......
I have had this dress for quite awhile and have been pondering
doing something which is inspired by my love of GYPSY and

I've realised the only way to get it perfect, is to just start and play
and see what comes.........

I started off with this heart detail.......I have finally embraced my
secret love of the heart shape.......

Added this patch which I have had for along time.......

Have started a heart band around one of the arms.......

As you can see this is a long term project, but it is great
to have start it..........

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Have started the morning off with a great jog, starting at 5.45am.........
Am really starting to get into these, gets me into a great headspace
for the rest of the day........
Normally I  walk a block, then jog a block for an hour but today I
got it up to 1 1/4hrs, go me, yeah.......Try to incorporate some hills
as best as I can.......
As per usual I am very luck to live in such a beautiful place, so took
some photos of the beautiful bush as the sun was coming through.....

Monday, 9 April 2012


Just finished watching last night an amazingly, beautiful,
uplifting wonderful movie called

The Tree

A very uplifting movie about death and family.......
I highly recomment you track it down and if you
live in the Blue Mountains you can order it in
at your local library which is where I found it......

Friday, 6 April 2012


Last night I had a great time at choir,
and one of the members recommended singing the Paul Kelly
song 'One Night the Moon' which another member is
going to translate into serbian........
I just love Paul Kelly.........


One night the moon came sailing by
On a big ship right across the night sky
One night the moon came sailing by
Called all the dreamers to come for a ride
[ Lyrics from: ]
One night the moon came wheeling by
On a big bike right across the night sky
One night the moon came wheeling by
Called all the sleepers to come for a ride

One night the moon came galloping by
On a big horse right across the night sky
One night the moon came galloping by
Called all the dreamers to come for a ride

One night the moon came choo-chooing by
On a big train right across the sky
One night the moon came choo-chooing by
Called all the sleepers to come for a ride

One night the moon came rolling by
In a big cart right across the night sky
One night the moon came rolling by
Called all the dreamers to come for a ride

(Above is an image by nothought MOON)

Below is a link to You Tube and Paul Kelly......
One Night the Moon

And then this morning when I went for my early morning jog,
I came across the giant moon going down above some lovely trees
towards the west.........
It inpired me to write this piece.........


Dancing under the moonlight,
as the sun rises up.......

Dancing on foreign shores
in far away dreamy places,
where everything goes my way........

Dancing under the sparkle of light,
Under the MOONBEAMS and the SUNRAYS,
Transfixed by the shimmering across my body
and the tinkering within the lights......

Faraway dreaming,
               magical sights.......
The wind is whispering little nothings,
as I think about the night.......

By me, Bhodi Robinson

Follow link to the artist for the above wonderful image

Follow link to the artist for the above wonderful image

Follow link to the artist for the above wonderful image

Follow link to the artist for the above wonderful image

Follow link to the artist for the above wonderful image 

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hi everyone.......

I am quite excited, as I have started going for morning jogs.......
I am now in my second week, I think it is day 10 and I am
really enjoying it......
I am also very lucky to be able to jog through and around the
Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park which is just
down the road from me...........

So below, are some photos I took the other day on my early
morning jog.........

Looking at these pictures as I upload them, I realise I am
quite lucky.......
And here I am, the final view at the end of the jog, as I sit
on the back verandah couch and have a well earned breather
and admire the trees in my own backyard......

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Upto Stuff

Having a good day, yesterday I felt a bit flat.......
But today was alot better.....I suppose that is part of living,
going with the low bits to appreciate the good bits......

Have been in the office working on Blackheath Day Picnic......
Have spent the early morning working on my writings.  My book of
crazy characters which is slowly coming into a story.......Seen a few friends
on the walk into town.......Hanging at the library and art get together to
look forward to a bit later.......
Listening to an old fave, 'Alice In Chains', 'The Rooster'

Maybe life isn't that bad after all...........

Thursday, 22 March 2012


This first image below is inspired by Eamhain Mhacha in Ireland:

Navan Fort – known in Old Irish as Eṁaın Ṁacha (pronounced [ˈeṽənʲ ˈṽaxə]) and in Modern Irish as Eamhain Mhacha ([ˈaw̃nʲ ˈw̃axə]) – is an ancient monument in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. According to Irish legend, it was one of the major power centers of pre-Christian Ireland. The site that can be seen today is little more than a grass-covered mound, but according to the Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, "the [Eamhain Mhacha] of myth and legend is a far grander and mysterious place than archeological excavation supports".[1]
Although called a "fort", it is considered more likely to have been a pagan ritual or ceremonial site. It is often regarded as the traditional capital of the Ulaidh. It also features prominently in Irish mythology, particularly in the tales of the Ulster Cycle.

According to Irish mythology and historical tradition it was the capital of the Ulaid, the people who gave their name to the province of Ulster. It was supposedly founded by the goddess Macha in the 7th or 5th century BC, and was the seat of Conchobar mac Nessa in the tales of the Ulster Cycle. Conchobar is said to have had three houses at Eṁain Ṁacha:
  • the Cróeb Ruad ("Dull Red Branch", whence derives the nearby townland of Creeveroe) where the king sat;
  • the Cróeb Derg ("Bright Red Branch"), where trophies of battle were kept, and
  • the Téte Brecc ("Speckled Hoard") where the warriors' weapons were stored.
Many of the most famous names in Irish mythology are associated with Eṁain Ṁacha and the Red Branch warriors.
The name Eṁain Ṁacha is variously explained as "Macha's neck-brooch", after Macha marked out the boundaries of the site with her brooch, and "Macha's twins", after Macha gave birth to twins after being forced to compete in a chariot-race. The Annals of the Four Masters record that it was abandoned after it was burned by the Three Collas in 331 AD, after they had defeated Fergus Foga, king of Ulster, in battle at Achadh Leithdheirg.

The female figure in the above image is inspired by the Irish Goddess Macha:

Macha (Irish pronunciation: [ˈmaxə]) is a goddess of ancient Ireland, associated with war, horses, sovereignty, and the sites of Armagh and Emain Macha in County Armagh, which are named after her. A number of figures called Macha appear in Irish mythology, legend and historical tradition, all believed to derive from the same deity.

This image is a simple portrayal of love, both of each other 
and of the land and the place that you belong to.
I know that sounds very romatic, but place is very important to me
and I feel a strong connection to the land and different places affect me.
Missing my connection to the land I feel most connected too and
learning how to live without that..........
Wanting to belong......

I am not sure about this picture, I feel thing it will be
quite good when I finish it,
but I also know it will be quite time consuming and
is something I have to work upto.......
 In this picture she has an obvious connection to the forest
and is just in a quite moment of contemplation........
Not very complicated which is something I think
I am trying to portray in my latest pieces, this
sense of peace and coming home......