Friday, 24 February 2012


I am organising a team for my local Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre
("BANCing on a Shave") for the World's Greatest Shave which is the annual fundraiser for the
Australia Leukeamia Foundation.  It goes all through March and you can shave
your hair but you can also do colour, wigs and I am going to do hairwraps.......

If you don't want to do any of the above you can sponsor someone like me,
you can find me here Bhodi Robinson

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Below are some of my latest creations I have made in
preparation for the Winter Markets up here.....
Mind you it is getting so cold you could also sell some now........
I make these while watching TV, on public transport
or waiting around........
They are modeled by my beautiful and patient daughter......

As you can see madly crocheted wherever I am......
Have to admit getting quite hooked on this things.......
I have made about 15 of these, this is just a
selection.....Yeah me......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More of Ceres

Below are the latest paintings of the Roman Goddess Ceres..........

Lately I have started getting more inspired to paint and also finish
things off......Maybe another 6/7 hours to go........

In Memory of GWYN

I just realised it is the anniversary of the death of one of
my all time favourite people who passed away 2 years ago........

Gwyn was  one of those people that just had a good soul and
a wonderful heart and all and all things were never that complicated
with him........

And even though I didn't see him often anymore.......He was
someone I would think of when I wanting cheering up because
the world can sometimes be shit and sometimes he would
just come to mind randomly........

Friday, 10 February 2012


Yes, back to this work........
Thanx heavens I am a little further down the line,
maybe 6/7 hours left to go but happy with
my progression.  It has changed quite a bit since
the beginning but definately getting better......
Well I hope so........

The forest has never looked quite so appealing.......

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Today something totally not to do with arts and craft.  But with
my life. 

Yesterday my daughter came home from school and informed me
of an incident where some girl had bullied her and then in recess
her friends joined in........

Won't go into all the details, school dealt with it, her friends were
supportive, but boy it really gets my tick.......Was proud of myself
though, because I didn't overreact and want to kill them.   My
daughter also said she wasn't sure to tell me, but remembered her
promise to tell me if anything happened like this.  So was very glad
she spoke up.

It also challenging because we have been homeschooling for 3 years
up unto this point, so she is quite use to be by herself and being in a
very supportive peaceful environment.  Mind you there was definate
bullying happening with some kids with some homeschool organised
activities.  So unfortunately it is just part of this great thing called
the human race.......

Unfortunately bullying seems to happen everywhere in all schools,
in life and is definately something you have to learn to deal with.  My
daughter has such a gentle beautiful soul and doesn't have that
aggressive edge you sometimes need to call on.  It is wonderful she
is so kind and compassionate, but at these moments I wish I could
pass on my Viking (Kick Ass) attitude.

But she went to school today, moderately positive and brave.  Here
is to her coming home with only good news.  We will wait and see......
And me keeping my cool.....

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Here is a work I have designed for the
WASTE TO ART Comp the Blue Mountains City Council
is having in March.......

This was originally inspired by my fascination with bird cages........
Then I found these branches which had been cut and thrown out
on the footpath.  This inspired me to make a cage out of
something more natural.......These have been join together
by wrapping and tying.........

The hearts are made of material (clothes) which were had been
thrown out at the tip.......I have been very inspired to crochet
lately, so deciding to crochet the hearts.  I really like the earthy
raw feeling of them........

Please excuse the quality of the photos.  Will one day have to get
a camera......