Monday, 14 November 2011


As you may have noticed, I have quite a few painting I am working on
that have to do with creatures with horns.....
This is inspired by my love of  CERNUNNOS........

When I think about the horned ones, I think about Cernunnos.
Cernunnos in the forest strong, alive, fertile and real but also kind
and compassionate........The horned one is sometimes also refered to
as "Herne the Hunter" or the "Stag King"........
He symbolises everything I love about life....

Here is a poem I found on Deviantart which I feel somes it up for me........

Prayer to Cernunnos

by ~xxravenohayexx

Hear the words of the Great Horned One
He who is both Day and Night
He who is both Life and Death,
He who is both the Hunter and the Hunted

Hear the words of Cernunnos
The God of all things wild and free,
and Lord of Annwn.

Now, in the arms of Him, I feel no fear, for he is the Protector.
Now, in the arms of Him, I feel no hatred, for he is Love.
Now, in the arms of Him, I feel no weakness, for he is Power.

Hail Cernunnos, for he is Strength, Love and Protection.

Blessed Be

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